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Instituted programs for the Santa Clara County’s School Link Services, 4 member of the BLKC were hired to work in developing programs that benefit Black students in Santa Clara County.
The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet was and continues to be influential in assisting in promotions of African-America in the San Jose Police Department.
The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet’s members has and continues to be influential in the interviewing hiring processes for high ranking city positions, such as the San Jose Police and Fire Chief’s, Assistants, Deputies, Captains, etc.


The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet has and continues to be influential in recognizing and welcoming African-American leaders to the Silicon Valley community.
The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet has and continues to be influential in hosting “Youth Know your rights Seminars”


The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet provides a forum for community issues to be discussed, analyzed, and resolved around specific action items.


The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet offers the Black Community a forum for information dissemination, sharing and engagement.


Key member organizations of The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet, African-American community Service Agency, Ujima Adult and Family Services, Open Bible church, in partnership with, the Santa Clara County Public Health dept, San Jose State University, Departments of African-American and Transportation and Urban Studies, instituted the African\African Ancestry Demographic Study and Research project, on Health (Health component is complete)and Education, Economics, Social Services, Criminal Justice, Technology, Culture, and Community (which includes Religion, Community Based Organizations, Advocacy groups, Fraternal organizations, Government, and quasi governmental organizations, and others)


Working in conjunction with its member organizations, The Black Leadership Kitchen continues to provide direct advocacy and strategies to issues of discrimination in all areas of life in Silicon Valley.


The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet working with Santa Clara County Mental Health developed and is currently providing services to the county’s “inmate re-entry programs”. Of 4 community institutions chosen as hubs for the program, Maranatha Christian Center and Bibleway Christian center are 2 of the hubs. Both primarily, (not totally) African-American churches.


The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet partnered with Unity Care Group in the acquisition of funds and the formation and instituting of the “Imani Village”, school support program, (tutoring, after school homework centers, Mental health services, student advocacy, etc,) targeting African\African-American students in (Eastside Schools in particular and in Santa Clara county schools in general.)

The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet (BLKC) was created in 2005 by concerned community leaders as a means to address the broader social ills that are currently impacting their African American Community.

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